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Time & Timing

We are frequently asked what is the best time to go to Hawai'i? The best time to go is when the children are in school. That may be an inconvenience for those of you with children, but we can try to minimize the time children will miss. Hawai'i offers so much that is educational, a trip may be more educational than the information they would get staying in a classroom. Prices are always better during these off-peak times and air schedules are usually better. Travel during off-peak will save you money. Don’t plan your vacation around weather. It is always nice in Hawai'i, even if it is raining. This is the tropics, and it will rain during any season. The rain just makes everything smell like flowers.

Don’t wait to book air. Air always goes up as you get closer to your departure date and the schedules get worse. Putting off booking air while you decide on a hotel or a detailed plan is false economy. We can always change the hotels, but the air is set when it is booked, because the airlines charge penalties for changes. We don’t charge those penalties, but they do.