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Art Credits

Hawaiian West Travel Inc. wishes to thank Roy Gonzalez Tabora for the outstanding art that embodies the soul of Hawai'i.  His land and seascapes are stunning representations that bring Hawai'i to life with vibrant colors and magical detail that draws the viewer into the painting. Please visit his site here and at the many galleries that offer his work while you are in Hawai'i. Also, you can check out his Facebook page here.  Links to his images can be found here.

Hawaiian West Travel Inc. wishes to thank Kim Taylor Reece for the photographic art that depicts the native peoples of Hawai'i.  The people of Hawai'i are one of its most alluring qualities that draw you back to the Islands again and again.  The sepia tone used in his work adds a special feeling for life in Hawai'i’s past.  Please visit his website here and his studios in Hawai'i while you are in Hawai'i.  Also, his Facebook page can be found here.

Hawaiian West Travel Inc. wishes to thank the Exotic Plumeria for use of the beautiful Plumerias images that decorate our site.  Flowers, and most especially Plumerias, are inseparable from the Hawaiian culture.  It is their fragrance that brings you back to the Islands every time you catch their scent on the air.  Without them Hawai'i would not be the Hawai'i that we love. If you would like to welcome them into your home, please contact the Exotic Plumeria through their website here, or their Facebook page here.

Some of the photographs used on this site were obtained from the Bing photographic library.  We wish to acknowledge the incredible artistry of the contributors, and since it is virtually impossible to locate and contact each of these artists, we invite them to contact us, so that we can properly credit them for their work.  We will be happy to direct customers to their sites and Facebook pages, to help them market their work. If they would like us to brand each picture, we will do that too.  If they would like us to display any of their other works on our site, we will create pages for them or add their pictures to existing pages.  

Our objective on this site is to portray Hawai'i the way those who love it, see it.  We hope that you find the site beautiful and hope that you will help us make it better.