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Hawai'i has activities that appeal to just about any interest and any age group. The wholesalers offer many activities, but one site that you might want to explore is:www.veltra.com . This site has activities for the 6 major Islands. Click on the Island of interest, and you will see a list of Categories on the left side of the page. You can select a category and then look at each option.

We can book any of these activities for you and can give you good advice, since we have tried many of them. It doesn’t cost any more to have us book them for you, so let us do the work. You can use a CC to pay for any activity you want. We will send you vouchers that you can copy and take with you to Hawai'i. These will be your tickets into the activity. We can also set up other activities that are not on the site, but this site is a reliable place to go to start looking for well managed activities.

If you would like to use the activities planner on the Blue Sky Tours site, you can click on this link.  

If you would like a virtual tour of the Islands, you can visit the Blue Hawaiian Helicopter website. www.bluehawaiian.com By putting your cursor over the name of the Island you would like to visit, you will see a drop down box that contains Video Clips and Photo Tour.  Clicking on Video Clips will produce a fly-over of that Island.  When that click is finished you will see a map of circles and ellipses.  Clicking on one of them will produce a fly-over of that part of the Island.  Clicking of Photo Tour will show a map of red dots.  There is a picture under each dot.  We have  contract with Blue Hawaiian, so call or write us and we will set up a terrific helicopter ride for you.  I recommend that you take your ride early in your trip, so that you can visit the places by car later.

If you would like to visit Pearl Harbor, i recommend that you go to the website:  www.pearlharborhistoricsites.org