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The Westin Moana Surfrider

The Moana Surfrider was the first of the resorts built in Waikiki, and opened in 1901. The first guests paid $1.50/night for a room. In 1932, the resort was purchased by the Matson Navigation Company for $1.6 million. The pier was used by ships arriving from the West Coast to supply guests to the resort. Arriving guests would have their steamer trunks rickshawed into the resort and the departing guests would fill the ship for the return trip. Since air travel has replaced ship travel, the pier is just a memory. In 1935, the Banyan Court behind the main structure, was the home of a radio station that brought the sounds of Hawai'i to the rest of the world. The famous Diamond Head wing was added to the resort in 1952. This was followed by the Eva Tower in 1964. In 1989, the Resort was completely restored to its original condition.