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We are a full service travel agency. We provide air, accommodations, and surface transportation. We also help you find activities for your vacation, and we book them for you. If you reserve a car or van, we help you with a drive plan, so that you can get the most out of your visit to the Islands.

We work with wholesalers to find you the most economical air service, and can often arrange bulk air for your travel. If the tickets are wholesaler bulk air, your deposit will be much less than if you purchase the air directly through the airlines, and you will be able to make payments any way you prefer between the time of booking and the travel date. We have been to Hawai'i many times and know the Islands and the managers of the hotels, resorts, condos and homes. We can help you select accommodations that will fit your requirements and get your personal service once you arrive.

While you are traveling, we will always be there for you, if you have problems with the airlines. You can reach us on our toll free number any time of day and on holidays.

​We will send you a full set of travel documents that will be your guide plan for Hawai'i. Everyone, who will be providing your service, will know when you will be arriving before you leave for your trip. Everything will have been electronically submitted to them well in advance of your travel. Since everything is electronic, anything that you misplace can be resent to you quickly by email or directly to your Hotel.

​We do not keep CC information in our computers. When you call in your CC information, we will keep it until your trip is completed and then destroy that information. All that you will need to travel is a photo ID that matches the name and birthday that you provide to us. You can get your boarding passes on-line or from the airline when you arrive for travel.  We will select seats for you.