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​Though the Aboriginal peoples are thought to have arrived in Australia as many as 70,000 years ago, the first European colonialization didn't occur until 1788 at Botany Bay (Sidney).  Originally there were 6 colonies and they united in 1901 to form modern Australia.  Now the continent country has over 23 Million inhabitants--an a large and interesting animal population.

​Describing the states of Australia here would be an impossible task, because each region is very different.  The Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia make up this vast land mass that is about as large as the continental US. (2.97million square miles).  So, if you are planning a trip here, you should decide what it is that you would like to get out of this trip.  You will not be able to see it all, even if you take up residence here for a couple of years.

​In 2015, about 7.5 million tourists visited Australia, but if you want to get away from crowds, this is the place to go.

​We are not yet experts on Australia, but we are working on it.  So, if you fly to Hawai'i and then get on a plane going West, you will get there in about 12 hours.  There is somewhat of a language barrier there, but it is not more difficult than it is to deal with pigeon Hawaiian. 

​Australia is a great country.